7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
tragic upheaval CATACLYSM
nuclear tragedy MELTDOWN
miseries arising from tragedy WOES
minor tragedy MISFORTUNE
sudden tragedy CATASTROPHE
tragedy by Euripides ELECTRA
examine critically REVIEW
sheriff's cohorts POSSE
longs for YEARNS
never intersecting PARALLEL
affinity RAPPORT
poor NEEDY
morning beverage COFFEE
determined RESOLUTE
pester BADGER
remove with water RINSE
make a list CATALOG
covering the whole earth GLOBAL
care for ATTEND
small round portion of meat MEDALLION
college official DEAN
police academy student CADET
Justin Bieber's home CANADA
vehicle with training wheels BICYCLE
level between page and knight SQUIRE
new nun's quarters NOVITIATE
abundant fossil fuel COAL
jet thrust booster AFTERBURNER
Washington D.C. river POTOMAC
American pollster GALLUP
compact disc reader LASER
crustacean in a cocktail SHRIMP
general acceptance CURRENCY
grocery store SUPERMARKET
composer in "Amadeus" SALIERI
religious PIOUS
spotted cat OCELOT
Sally Field TV role GIDGET
drawing game PICTIONARY
soak up the sun BASK
Plato or Pericles ATHENIAN
limo driver CHAUFFEUR
x and y, in algebra VARIABLES
begged shamelessly GROVELED
detective SLEUTH
impudent BRAZEN
beaten on the battlefield CONQUERED
tummy tightener CORSET
farm vehicle TRACTOR
submarine feature PERISCOPE
working properly FUNCTIONAL
react to a pun GROAN
Russian coins RUBLES
college housing DORMITORY
prepared for a trip PACKED
one of largest known stars ANTARES
Sudoku, for one PUZZLE
feel SENSE
scenic time at the beach SUNSET
fish-eating bird PELICAN
South American monkey SAPAJOU
baby girl in "Hi & Lois" TRIXIE
atomic element #67 HOLMIUM
small cannon DRAKE
take a stroll PERAMBULATE
capital of Kyrgyzstan BISHKEK
hacking knife MACHETE
circus swinger TRAPEZE
changed the color of DYED
exercise routine WORKOUT
one doing the butterfly SWIMMER
change to the Constitution AMENDMENT
husband of Kate Middleton WILLIAM
obtain ACQUIRE
state with a panhandle OKLAHOMA
one with foresight VISIONARY
run a state GOVERN
property handed down LEGACY
charming quality SWEETNESS
instinctive feeling HUNCH
good name REPUTATION
one blowing his own horn BRAGGART
"flighty" person AVIATOR
ridged fabric CORDUROY
Mount Fuji location JAPAN
hotel employee MAID
sign of boredom YAWN
he was "sultanly" a leader SHAH
expecting PREGNANT
powerful emotion PASSION
word for word VERBATIM
head for the hills FLEE
inferior apartment building TENEMENT
above all others SUPERLATIVE
Batman's sidekick ROBIN
paper summary ABSTRACT
invasive pests RABBITS
Australian airline QANTAS
took into the body INGESTED
"Star Trek" command ENERGIZE
trash collector GARBO
financial arrangement TRUST
put a point on a pencil SHARPEN
five-cent piece NICKEL
Superman's comic ACTION
gun part TRIGGER
carved representation STATUE
sign of bad sunburn BLISTER
James in "Public Enemy" CAGNEY
fond of chatter GARRULOUS
make a burbling noise GURGLE
talented GIFTED
darn, as a sock MEND
costume party MASQUERADE
grain storage SILO
drake's youngster DUCKLING
one who has left work behind RETIREE
end of a marriage DIVORCE
low priced deal BARGAIN
word ending SUFFIX
arrest authorization WARRANT
striped insect BUMBLEBEE
behind in points LOSING
ruling with an iron fist DICTATORIAL
gunk CRUD
strong-arm COMPEL
undertaking PROPOSITION
highly skilled ADEPT
subway gate TURNSTILE
one who makes quotes BROKER
city in Spain or Ohio TOLEDO
frequently lost items KEYS
Mantle, to Maris TEAMMATE
baked dish CASSEROLE
bounce off the wall CAREEN
major disaster CATACLYSM
volcanic activity ERUPTION
flood DELUGE
device to move heavy objects DOLLY
preservation SAFEKEEPING
narrative record CHRONICLE
spring-operated knife SWITCHBLADE
blink of an eye TRICE
representative EXAMPLE
of better quality FINER
resembling cheese CASEOUS
Five Nations chief HIAWATHA
tropical lizards GECKOS
temperature scale FAHRENHEIT
like a sore wisdom tooth IMPACTED
capable of accomplishing FEASIBLE
struggle for victory CONTEST
become merged MELD
hatred of all mankind MISANTHROPY
not as many FEWER
at most TOPS
made a solemn vow PLEDGED
giving financial assistance SUBSIDIZING
decrepit car CLUNKER
old inked copy MIMEOGRAPH
fitting in agreeably COMPATIBLE
kind of plastic BAKELITE
hip region PELVIS
greedy for gold AVARICIOUS
actor or singer PERFORMER
Sasquatch BIGFOOT
sting bump WELT
sled dog breed SAMOYED
candidates' argument DEBATE
phone number listing DIRECTORY
robbery HEIST
printed copy TRANSCRIPT
pungent condiment HORSERADISH
get another year of a magazine RENEW
works one's way to the bottom SKIS
flower pinned to the lapel CORSAGE
short race SPRINT
French draft horse PERCHERON
like a wintry landscape SNOWY
military unit BATTALION
pinata striker's handicap BLINDFOLD
go sour, as milk CURDLE
cellular liquid CYTOPLASM
brought back REDUX
magnolia flower, for one BLOSSOM
bit of flurry SNOWFLAKE
multi-Oscar winner Hepburn KATHARINE
beneath contempt DEPLORABLE
shredded ticker tape CONFETTI
nearsighted cartoon character MAGOO
they're only beaten when good EGGS
reduce the effectiveness of STULTIFY
provide an incentive for MOTIVATE
cocky manner BRAGGADOCIO
hard task DIFFICULTY
leadership skill PERSUASION
artwork or house work PAINTING
adding machine CALCULATOR
darling BELOVED
jibber-jabber DOUBLETALK
leek kin SCALLION
window washer's platform SCAFFOLD
self-satisfaction COMPLACENCE
Greek dish GYRO
sign of a bad hair day COWLICK
greeted WELCOMED
old word for pickpocket CUTPURSE
take restaurant orders WAIT
develop over time EVOLVE
cabinet division DEPARTMENT
bring in as profit REALIZE
overfill CONGEST
name or title DESIGNATION
spinal piece VERTEBRA
perilous RISKY
chipmunk sound SQUEAK
swimmer with barbels CATFISH
laid low STRICKEN
tending to irritate MADDENING
smart alec WISECRACKER
slender and hollow FISTULOUS
flat fish TURBOT
male trait MASCULINITY
naval rank ENSIGN
entourage members ATTENDANTS
outshining ECLIPSING
baked, as eggs SHIRRED
not so rough SMOOTHER
stratification LAYERING
tipped to one side LEANED
small motorcycle MINIBIKE
out of a job UNEMPLOYED
scary story CHILLER
novelty singer "Weird Al" YANKOVIC
chess pieces KNIGHTS
sheltered, as a dog KENNELED
font line SERIF
Japanese or Chinese ASIAN
parts of a crossword CLUES
the Beatles, for example QUARTET
what insurance offers COVERAGE
"The Daily Show" host STEWART
Italian car company FIAT
traitor TURNCOAT
happy as a clam, e.g. SIMILE
in plain sight OVERT
bird's measurement WINGSPAN
Fahrenheit alternative CELSIUS
troublesome UPSETTING
fondness AFFINITY
grid or chart DIAGRAM
powwow MEETING
menacing words THREATS
coal-fired grill CHARBROILER
most stable STEADIEST
spoke self-righteously MORALIZED
sort of box-shaped SQUARISH
butterfingers KLUTZ
women of the 1920s FLAPPERS
falling star METEOR
item by a high shelf, maybe STEPLADDER
lacking rhyme or reason HAPHAZARD
unwrapped OPENED
James Bond's field ESPIONAGE
pasta strainer COLANDER
went over EXCEEDED
Myanmar's former name BURMA
conniving DEVIOUS
backed monetarily SPONSORED
making a statue, perhaps SCULPTING
like prefab homes PANELIZED
pinball mishap TILT
halfhearted, as an effort PERFUNCTORY
hat in a Mexican dance SOMBRERO
sensational publicity HOOPLA
infomercial star PITCHMAN
make an estimate RECKON
variety show star Carol BURNETT
feeling of remorse GUILT
bushido observer SAMURAI
dull reddish-yellow FULVOUS
former UK leader Churchill WINSTON
sonic bounces ECHOES
diet pill, e.g. SUPPRESSANT
common sandpiper DUNLIN
apologetic DEPRECATORY
like many comic-book heroes SUPERHUMAN
painting of a shoreline SEASCAPE
powered by atomic energy NUCLEAR
thrown in jail IMPRISONED
modifies ALTERS
Greenland is part of it DENMARK
previously owned SECONDHAND
surprise winners UPSETS
interior designer DECORATOR
media mogul Ted TURNER
hole coverers on jeans PATCHES
structured anew REORGANIZED
soft leather used for gloves KIDSKIN
pale, as a complexion PASTY
"Say Anything" actor John CUSACK
having two X chromosomes FEMALE
convert into cash, as assets LIQUIDATE
whiskers near the ears SIDEBURNS
college teacher, for short PROF
beverages POTABLES
seized without legal right USURPED
gets psyched EXCITES
spreads thickly SLATHERS
heavy stream TORRENT
sentry's location WATCHTOWER
infringing ENCROACHING
intimacy CLOSENESS
comical actor Silvers PHIL
grinding byproducts FILINGS
victorious SUCCESSFUL
some lab glassware TUBING
Harley's partner DAVIDSON
misty spray SPRITZ
reduced LESSENED
llama relative VICUNA
football carrier RUSHER
cut in half BISECT
just has a hunch FEELS
they go where it's warm SUNSEEKERS
causticness ACRIDITY
nourishes FEEDS
study of maps CARTOGRAPHY
went through difficulties SUFFERED
it may be leveraged BUYOUT
like fighters PUGILISTIC
waiting in the wings BACKSTAGE
deserving more appreciation UNDERRATED
Rose Bowl setting PASADENA
hockey's "Great One" GRETZKY
buttercup relative COLUMBINE
at an indefinite point SOMETIME
having a dark complexion SWARTHY
US president Zachary TAYLOR
tied up BOUND
stone-sliding sport CURLING
game bird WOODCOCK
formally pronounced ADJUDGED
money makes him cross FERRYMAN
capacity for feeling SENSIBILITY
acute, perhaps ACCENT
trouble for airways ASTHMA
of modest importance SMALLTIME
horn's sound TOOT
was alluring TEMPTED
the Hilton daughters HEIRESSES
author Nabokov VLADIMIR
symbol on a battery PLUS
rationed out ALLOCATED
behind on the scoreboard TRAILING
skirt's edge HEMLINE
put to use APPLIED
student's pages NOTEPAPER
goes backward REVERSES
genealogy subjects ANCESTORS
Italian fashion line FENDI
flying off the handle RANTING
quarreled over issues DEBATED
gloominess MURK
Snoopy's comic strip PEANUTS
branch of astrophysics COSMOGENY
charcoal pieces BRIQUETS
anhinga snakebirds DARTERS
grabbing hold of SEIZING
most hale HEALTHIEST
time at a job STINT
otalgia EARACHE
change to a different key TRANSPOSE
being indecisive VACILLATING
Goldie of "Overboard" HAWN
English Channel county DORSET
electrical flows CURRENTS
forced onto a new path DIVERTED
units of memory BYTES
took exception OBJECTED
hatched, as a plan CONTRIVED
in a twistedly funny way IRONICALLY
heedless BLITHE
salon employee's creations HAIRSTYLES
strict disciplinarian MARTINET
describe glamorously ROMANTICIZE
getting rid of SCRAPPING
title for part of the whole SUBHEAD
noisy insect CRICKET
zucchini, for one SQUASH
spot for swimming POOL
making into a spiral CURLING
interviewer's easy question SOFTBALL
follow the movements of TRACK
Buick sedan LACROSSE
"I Love Lucy" star ARNAZ
razed to the ground BULLDOZED
sheep guardian HERDER
experts for hire CONSULTANTS
admitted defeat CONCEDED
fans of Kirk and Spock TREKKIES
prepare, as leather CURE
prepare for cold weather WINTERIZE
prepare for a play REHEARSE
prepare for a marathon TRAIN
prepared suddenly IMPROMPTU
prepare for emergency DRILL
prepare a meal COOK
annoyingly persistent IMPORTUNATE
unrestrained; undisciplined WANTON
fitted with tracking device TAGGED
values ETHOS
they can be bossy SUPERIORS
desirable quality in writing COHERENCE
scoring two under par EAGLING
household name CELEBRITY
home of the US House CAPITOL
housemaid's knee BURSITIS
on the house FREE
common houseplant ASPIDISTRA
housetop ROOF
domesticated game bird TURKEY
result of a punch CHAD
former English gold coin GUINEA
2005 animated comedy film MADAGASCAR
tropical nut BRAZIL
high quality porcelain CHINA
19th century writer Anatole FRANCE
with grim persistence DOGGEDLY
marching order SCRAM
inability to keep still RESTIVENESS
extreme poverty DESTITUTION
art museum in The Hague MAURITSHUIS
coffee substitute CHICORY
taking stock RUSTLING
"The Idiot" MYSHKIN
"The Pathfinder" HAWKEYE
"The Merchant of Venice" ANTONIO
"The Princess Bride" BUTTERCUP
"The Lion King" SIMBA
"The Count of Monte Cristo" DANTES
"The Miracle Worker" SULLIVAN
perennial flower PHLOX
crossed a river, in a way FORDED
fingerprint patterns WHORLS
drive crazy DERANGE
said again REITERATED
from Vientiane, perhaps LAOTIAN
made a duplicate of CLONED
kitchen utensil for spuds MASHER
prepared toast BUTTERED
small living quarters ROOMETTE
aboriginal INDIGENOUS
1980s Cadillac model CIMARRON
sartorially splendidly STYLISHLY
the last tsar's daughter ANASTASIA
personaje de los Hombres X MAGNETO
superhéroe nórdico THOR
pesadilla de una villana SUPERHÉROE
punto débil de Superman KRYPTONITA
archienemigo de Batman JOKER
superhéroe increíble HULK
tipo de queso SUIZO
pintor y inventor grande LEONARDO
hombre que enamora ROMANTICO
historia fantástica LEYENDA
cuento pequeño de los Grimm PULGARCITO
líquido salado del cuerpo SUDOR
novelista colombiano Márquez GABRIEL
ella esta adicta a la música MELÓMANA
ave rapaz ÁGUILA
hoguera de campamento FOGATA
zona frágil de Aquiles TALÓN
caracol sin concha BABOSA
prenda del cocinero DELANTAL
esferas de jabón POMPAS
fine handwriting CALLIGRAPHY
hand down BEQUEATH
by hand MANUALLY
hand over TRANSFER
Italian restaurant TRATTORIA
city buried by a volcano POMPEII
"Thank you," in Italian GRAZIE
Roman ruler of old CAESAR
Italian love AMORE
city with canals VENICE
Italian ice cream GELATO
Turkish council DIVAN
put a quick end to KIBOSH
"The Lion King" villain SCAR
reddish purple color MAGENTA
he doesn't do as he says HYPOCRITE
holds down two jobs MOONLIGHTS
a form of bribery PAYOLA
turned into bone OSSIFIED
polite and good-mannered CIVILIZED
Eboracum to the Romans YORK
"handy" beautician MANICURIST
man on board BISHOP
German personal care company BEIERSDORF
severe reprimand, in the UK CARPETING
antagonist of "The Terminal" TUCCI
eye-opener COCKEREL
went along with convention CONFORMED
the wilds in southern Africa BUNDU
Roman poet Publius STATIUS
colour of unbleached linen ECRU
state of being annoyed BOTHERATION
English East Midlands city LEICESTER
cold-blooded poisoners ASPS
indirectly OBLIQUELY
brand of depilatory NAIR
the conquering Norman WILLIAM
"It's My Life" rocker Bon JOVI
bath bubbles SUDS
send the shuttle up again RELAUNCH
she sought votes for women SUFFRAGETTE
how you feel after a feast STUFFED
cranial inflammation MENINGITIS
one calling trumps in bridge CONTRACTOR
immensely huge MAMMOTH
satellite launched in 1957 SPUTNIK
large plain of grasslands STEPPE
cold ecoregion TUNDRA
triangular instrument BALALAIKA
head scarf BABUSHKA
old Russian ruler TSAR
"pupil power" EYESIGHT
carried to another place TRANSPORTED
adding embellishments to ORNAMENTING
in a helpful way OBLIGINGLY
joint action FLECTION
strong wagon without sides DRAY
base of a number system RADIX
enquired into PROBED
"lock keeper" HAIRNET
justified WARRANTED
delegate to a lower level DEVOLVE
earnestly advocate PREACH
work for Australians YAKKA
brought into action DEPLOYED
German mark fraction PFENNIG
Mark Twain's birth surname CLEMENS
punctuation mark SEMICOLON
"The Mark of Zorro" star FAIRBANKS
place for a postmark ENVELOPE
mark down DISCOUNT
accent mark DIACRITIC
Swiss melted cheese dish RACLETTE
excessive amount SUPERFLUITY
deep thought RUMINATION
making waves CRIMPING
northwestern region of China XINJIANG
star rating MAGNITUDE
relating to the lower back LUMBAR
Saudi Arabian city JEDDAH
temporary inactivity DORMANCY
great healer TIME
matching cardigan & sweater TWINSET
coming into possession of RECEIVING
manner of expression WORDING
Belgian soccer team ANDERLECHT
ship captain's "diary" LOGBOOK
site of the ancient Colossus RHODES
popular sandwich meat BOLOGNA
like James Brown's music FUNKY
detergent additive, maybe SOFTENER
get rid of OFFLOAD
somewhat similar COMPARABLE
Highland dance FLING
slowed down DECELERATED
patients' places HOSPITALS
finished the yardwork EDGED
colorful swimmer BLUEFISH
like rhinos and unicorns HORNED
add stress to, in a way ITALICIZE
showed to be false DISPROVED
like some earnings PRETAX
area at the office WORKSPACE
really exhausted BEAT
on vacation AWAY
believably PLAUSIBLY
continuing after a pause RESUMING
moving unsteadily WOBBLING
a goal achieved ATTAINMENT
severe in climate INTEMPERATE
prairie dogs, collectively COTERIE
Frito-Lay popcorn brand SMARTFOOD
pictured beforehand PREFIGURED
person of conviction JAILBIRD
to a great degree HIGHLY
assailed SIEGED
lacking discretion IMPRUDENT
pretty as a picture PHOTOGENIC
extraordinarily large HUMONGOUS
was on the throne REIGNED
ancient Athenian lawgiver SOLON
furthest to the rear BACKMOST
not capable of erring INFALLIBLE
grownups ADULTS
unpredictable quality RANDOMNESS
conniving SCHEMING
having a spouse PARTNERED
cave dweller TROGLODYTE
sloppy joe sauce brand MANWICH
edible things FOODS
enjoying the pregame period TAILGATING
polecats' cousins FERRETS
put cash up front PREPAY
they take all your rubbish ASHCANS
small Hawaiian guitar UKELELE
covered in oil GREASY
electric power producer ENTERGY
made sure you were right CHECKED
famous London street STRAND
high-energy bicycle exercise SPINNING
heavy books TOMES
got down GROOVED
young, edible fern FIDDLEHEAD
simple dresses FROCKS
funny person CARD
draws off SIPHONS
making clanging sounds JANGLY
less blunt SHARPER
produced a new iceberg CALVED
music for cats JAZZ
clinker-built LAPSTRAKE
Istanbul soccer team FENERBAHCE
where Mr. Darcy's home was DERBYSHIRE
argument with punching FISTFIGHT
middle child of Phoenix clan JOAQUIN
kidney-shaped nuts CASHEWS
college living spaces DORMS
where the ceiling is OVERHEAD
Hart and Sondheim, for two LYRICISTS
creamy substance in icing FONDANT
caught with a rope LASSOED
local male legislator ASSEMBLYMAN
Apple founder Jobs STEVE
giving a driving citation TICKETING
prunes LOPS
no longer up for debate DECIDED
in a passionate way EMOTIONALLY
spoke clearly ENUNCIATED
common wallet style TRIFOLD
like Rensselaer Institute POLYTECHNIC
descending upon en masse MOBBING
excerpts CLIPS
postponement of a trial CONTINUANCE
tower topper SPIRE
commonplace MUNDANE
performed without thought PERFUNCTORY
fixed routine GROOVE
ordinary QUOTIDIAN
unimaginative WORKADAY
rat race GRIND
boring routine MONOTONY
thrown weapon BOOMERANG
it's thrown in disc golf FRISBEE
fit that may be thrown TANTRUM
it's thrown in a spiral FOOTBALL
rope thrown to catch cattle LASSO
it's thrown on a wheel POTTERY
paper shreds that get thrown CONFETTI
undergoes combustion BURNS
actress Winters' first name SHELLEY
British currency unit POUND
caramelizing BROWNING
actress Angie DICKINSON
ice crystals FROST
economist Friedman MILTON
intermediaries LIAISONS
green-skinned pear variety ANJOU
boot camp instructor DRILLMASTER
lifelessness VAPIDITY
move around again RESHUFFLE
endorser of Nadal and Woods NIKE
upper-crust lady NOBLEWOMAN
curt dismissal BRUSHOFF
outfitted for making snowmen MITTENED
prevent a bird from flying PINION
poor photo quality GRAININESS
remove sericin from silk DEGUM
Italian coffee maker LAVAZZA
it can be stuffed SATIABLE
small pancake PIKELET
summertime treats ICEBLOCKS
meat pie in pea soup FLOATER
wellingtons GUMBOOTS
recruiter of personnel HEADHUNTER
one in charge of cattle STOCKMAN
of motor cars VEHICULAR
football onrushes BLITZES
like a dweeb NERDY
guzzles SWILLS
movie producer Harvey or Bob WEINSTEIN
cultured dairy products YOGURTS
very thin and flexible RIBBONLIKE
joined wood securely MORTISED
staff symbols CLEFS
debutante ball COTILLON
made to fit TAILORED
a reserved state RETICENCY
signs of age CROWSFEET
not forgiven UNEXCUSED
polished in manner URBANE
shrewd SAVVY
having keen perception SAGACIOUS
bold and fearless INTREPID
generous and kind MAGNANIMOUS
very beautiful STUNNING
educated LETTERED
arrested development STUNTED
in two languages BILINGUALLY
subject to change MODIFIABLE
wheat and rye hybrid TRITICALE
theatrical backdrop ARRAS
a reduction or depletion DRAWDOWN
ringing in the ears TINNITUS
"Ring of Fire" singer Cash JOHNNY
bell ringing CAMPANOLOGY
planet with rings SATURN
shaped like a ring ANNULAR
"The Ring" composer WAGNER
turn into glass VITRIFY
2003 Enigma album title VOYAGEUR
units of measure for dust MICRONS
acrobatic spine twister BACKBEND
one who praises and extols EXALTER
reads attentively, with over PORES
where the wrenches reside TOOLROOM
private INWARD
happening once in a while RECURRING
milquetoast's quality WIMPINESS
documenting in written form RECORDING
Oscar winner Hayward SUSAN
strong desire HUNGER
female in a village TOWNSWOMAN
pop the question PROPOSE
the 2nd P in tech's POP PRESENCE
a pop EACH
pop artist Andy WARHOL
pop-eyed AGOG
northwestern Ireland town DONEGAL
most sparsely populated land MONGOLIA
flourishes in writing CURLICUES
Mozart's birthplace SALZBURG
narrow underground shaft BOREHOLE
muffin man's lane DRURY
brain pain HEADACHE
supporters BALUSTERS
big computer MAINFRAME
put between pages INTERLEAVE
diamond runners BASEBALLERS
in a chic way GLAMOROUSLY
love of all things British ANGLOPHILIA
least soft, as a mattress FIRMEST
running hurriedly DASHING
Walkman brand SONY
former LPGA star Sorenstam ANNIKA
endured LASTED
Civic and Accord, for two HONDAS
"Ocean's Twelve" director SODERBERGH
zilch NADA
pretending to be affected by FEIGNING
Japanese Caterpillar rival KOMATSU
large South American rodents CAPYBARAS
more wary CHARIER
tendencies LEANINGS
state without spoken words QUIETNESS
wordsmith WRITER
wordplay REPARTEE
plays on words PUNS
crossword PUZZLE
a cross word PEJORATIVE
scrambled words ANAGRAMS
"The Jazz Singer" star JOLSON
acrimonious BITTER
vowelless Welsh instrument CRWTH
complaining about CRITICIZING
trucker's CB name HANDLE
actors read them SCRIPTS
place for washing clothes LAUNDRETTE
basil and rosemary HERBS
hike to find hidden boxes GEOCACHE
August Wilson play FENCES
email folder INBOX
Ford compact FOCUS
plowing the field TILLING
person who eats regionally LOCAVORE
small, sweet citrus fruits CLEMENTINES
controlled and put to use HARNESSED
state flower of Indiana PEONY
small mouselike mammals SHREWS
Monsieur Sarkozy NICOLAS
port on the Thames TILBURY
having undesirable results BACKFIRING
pop's pop GRANDADDY
stupefyingly NUMBINGLY
brand of dish detergent SUNLIGHT
stealthiness SLINKINESS
nullification CANCELATION
crazy WACKY
most favorably OPTIMALLY
all better RECOVERED
calm down MOLLIFY
easily found COMMONPLACE
gets happier BRIGHTENS
"I'm just kidding!" GOTCHA
lunch meat BOLOGNA
not open SECRETIVE
demanding wedding planner BRIDEZILLA
alloy of copper and tin BRONZE
sidewalk material CONCRETE
chain of cosmetic stores SEPHORA
change gears in a car SHIFT
genetically modified edibles FRANKENFOOD
considers wrong DISAPPROVES
logical conclusions DEDUCTIONS
averse to conflict PEACEABLE
cries loudly WAILS
very large numbers SEXTILLIONS
actress Rossum EMMY
losing a staring contest BLINKING
social outcasts PARIAHS
won over ENDEARED
emphatic yes or no follower SIREE
leaving home, in a way EMIGRATING
70's singer Carpenter KAREN
large family transports MINIVANS
"capital" of South Africa RAND
neighbor of Ethiopia DJIBOUTI
female who makes commercials ADWOMAN
book buyers READERS
one-piece bodysuit UNITARD
outlying communities EXURBS
Navajo dwelling HOGAN
calendar rows WEEKS
items to be worn together COORDINATES
gets rid of AXES
share of company's profits DIVIDEND
an advocate EXPONENT
piece of music NUMBER
tooth part ROOT
Times or Trafalgar SQUARE
surprising twist STUNNER
Megan and Michael J. FOXES
"Sweet Baby James" singer TAYLOR
called on by the chair RECOGNIZED
huge parties BASHES
traveling around the sun ORBITING
classic songs STANDARDS
make application of ADMINISTER
give from one's supply of IMPART
make a gift of BESTOW
hand over CONSIGN
soap holder DISPENSER
hand over the rights to TRANSFER
grant the privilege of VOUCHSAFE
diplomatic staffer ATTACHE
gave quite the scare to TERRIFIED
Tesla founder Elon MUSK
baring a sheep SHEARING
French onion soup topping GRUYERE
reception area ANTEROOM
screed POLEMIC
land of the Balkan Mountains BULGARIA
drum major BANDLEADER
pocket tool PENKNIFE
small baseball stadium BANDBOX
wordlessly communicate TELEGRAPH
knotgrass, for one ALLSEED
where thread is wound SPINDLE
behaving like a ruffian THUGGISH
river in southern France DORDOGNE
state controlled by another PUPPET
trip-extending ticket TRANSFER
Duffy's debut album ROCKFERRY
bettered SCHOOLED
sign of life BIOMARKER