7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
kind of paper or lipstick SEMIMATTE
fastening, in a way SNAPPING
went over again RECHECKED
ranting writings SCREEDS
like some doughnuts POWDERED
bountiful PROFUSE
abdominal problem HERNIA
tours of duty STINTS
as part of a ritual CEREMONIAL
"Let's Make a Deal" prize ZONK
with reproach REPROVINGLY
decoded cryptogram PLAINTEXT
making demands of ACCOSTING
extent BREADTH
website with film facts IMDB
dragging one's feet DALLYING
overjoys ELATES
portable security PADLOCK
common deer WHITETAIL
excessively TOWERINGLY
2012 book on introverts QUIET
painful nerve condition NEUROPATHY
intake manifold innovator EDELBROCK
baseball legend Paige SATCHEL
restaurant review source YELP
able to be confined LIMITABLE
sundials, for example TIMERS
challenging CONTESTING
negotiated BARGAINED
flower stems STALKS
jumbo shrimp, for one OXYMORON
mold-related FUNGAL
large amounts ABUNDANCES