7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
gave out A's and B's GRADED
ends of many sequel titles NUMERALS
soothing substance ALOE
get the workers together UNIONIZE
made more automatic MECHANIZED
remaining traces VESTIGES
shows off one's biceps FLEXES
feed fuel to a furnace STOKE
used a horticulture practice GRAFTED
yelling louder than OUTSHOUTING
partially done INCOMPLETE
coming together JOINING
cured, in a way SMOKED
cut in two HALVED
horse race venues FAIRGROUNDS
temperature controller THERMOSTAT
on the other hand ALTHOUGH
like the stalest bread MOLDIEST
constantly malfunctioning GLITCHY
small towns VILLAGES
like a dresser corner, say MITERED
collection of tunes & lyrics SONGBOOK
leavening agent, for short BICARB
stirred into action ROUSED
source of a watercourse RIVERHEAD
"Great" East Africa valley RIFT
south-central US range OZARK
five-sided figure PENTAGON
the plumage of a bird FEATHERING
like a Kansas song's son WAYWARD
state of believing ACCEPTANCE
mingled at a party SOCIALIZED
flirtatious FRESH
drawing one's attention away DISTRACTING