7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
not fair and square RIGGED
portray in words DESCRIBE
monetary supporters SPONSORS
piggish, in a way GLUTTONOUS
big gap GULF
parts of teakettles SPOUTS
feel anxious about DREAD
counts (on) RELIES
firstborn ELDEST
tearing away AVULSION
taking away DEPRIVING
runic alphabet FUTHARK
small fingers PINKIES
days of old ANTIQUITY
flower with azure petals BLUEBELL
necklace part, maybe BEAD
Teutonic tribespeople GOTHS
was a trailblazer PIONEERED
runs hastily SCUTTLES
teasing playfully RIBBING
route of airport-bound plane GLIDEPATH
metal eyelet GROMMET
Wallace's cartoon canine GROMIT
limestone regions KARSTS
diminutive poultry BANTAM
carried on a watercraft SHIPBORNE
thick-shelled edible clam QUAHAUG
separating force REPULSION
former region of SE Europe THRACE
pig farmer, formerly SWINEHERD
comic actor Mike MYERS
balked at doing something JIBBED
sea off Italy's west coast TYRRHENIAN
perambulatory productivity LEGWORK
induces infatuation BESOTS
Ramjet of superhero fame ROGER
"The Art of Fielding" author HARBACH
UK Tiger manufacturer SUNBEAM
tropical fish WRASSE
murkiness TURBIDITY