7 little words

7 Little Words answers

2015 Jul - Dec

Clue Answer
date supervisors CHAPERONES
South Carolina athlete GAMECOCK
folk singer Joan BAEZ
Solon, for one LAWGIVER
came out on top PREVAILED
vocal collections SONGBOOKS
"Steamroller" city MANNHEIM
patting DABBING
like some bowling shoes RENTED
crab variety SOFTSHELL
summits VERTEXES
floor covering LINOLEUM
talked out of DISSUADED
welcome gifts BOONS
tropical fruit MANGO
talks on and on GABS
strong adhesive EPOXY
like some elective surgery COSMETIC
old pro VETERAN
yellow-winged bird GOLDFINCH
a suspenseful mystery THRILLER
actor Washington ISAIAH
brewing vessels TEAPOTS
water down DILUTE
duty abandonments DEFECTIONS
Borden "spokescow" ELSIE
grimy quality SOOTINESS
worthless writing SWILL
it equals a cubic meter KILOLITER
an elaborate display ECLAT
greatly irritate EXCRUCIATE
Great Britain, poetically ALBION
defeat in competition UPEND
winged flight controllers AILERONS