7 little words

7 Little Words answers

2015 Jan - Jun

Clue Answer
made-up story FABRICATION
like new paragraphs INDENTED
doing some alterations TAILORING
large sheet of paper BROADSIDE
employers HIRERS
making wooden art WHITTLING
more like ginger ale FIZZIER
"Gunsmoke" hero DILLON
least colorful DRABBEST
taking shorthand STENOGRAPHY
open-mouthed starers GAWKERS
child's apron PINAFORE
Lewis' partner CLARK
kidnapping payments RANSOMS
made duller, as a point BLUNTED
confuse, in a way DISORIENT
former Disney CEO Michael EISNER
high regard ESTEEM
written agenda of a sort CHECKLIST
trade SWAP
squat thrust from standing BURPEE
maker of Blue Italian china SPODE
fledgling precursor NESTLING
most lively and cheerful PERKIEST
"A Horse With No Name" band AMERICA
moving noisily CLATTERING
plucked, as unwanted hairs TWEEZED
jot down NOTE
further auditions CALLBACKS
Beethoven's musical era ROMANTIC
whacking WHOPPING
without having been asked UNINVITED
Dave with a quartet BRUBECK
secondary outline section SUBPART