7 little words

7 Little Words answers

2014 Jul - Dec

Clue Answer
arguing a court case PLEADING
places to sit in a park BENCHES
Lerner & Loewe musical BRIGADOON
what nonagenarians have LONGEVITY
doctors, e.g. HEALERS
less likely to treat STINGIER
opening, as a bottle UNCAPPING
postponed, as punishment REPRIEVED
enlarge a screw hole COUNTERSINK
assume to be true SUPPOSE
yawl sail JIGGER
table shaker SALTCELLAR
fearless UNAFRAID
calling up TELEPHONING
gave suggestions to ADVISED
is of the same mind AGREES
"striking" figure BOWLER
surround ENVELOP
huge number LEGION
type of anemia PERNICIOUS
Porsche sedan model PANAMERA
bring to public notice DISINTER
emulates a duck QUACKS
The Heartbreakers' Tom PETTY
central Asian region KASHMIR
batsman, bowler or fielder CRICKETER
confuses BEFUDDLES
popular chocolate milk brand NESQUIK
hockey's "Great One" Gretzky WAYNE
does some major landscaping BULLDOZES
peddling HAWKING
Mumford of music MARCUS
like some accounts RECEIVABLE