7 little words

7 Little Words answers

2013 Jul - Dec

Clue Answer
bottled up inside REPRESSED
they get handcuffed WRISTS
aviator Earhart AMELIA
big rig driver TRUCKER
part-time Floridians SNOWBIRDS
making merry REVELING
one-named 1960s model TWIGGY
using a key UNLOCKING
Nice 'n Easy company CLAIROL
audition follow-up CALLBACK
makes one satisfied PLEASES
without concern for others RUTHLESSLY
unit of electric charge COULOMB
staggering STARTLING
put together FASHIONED
serve as an ideal example of EPITOMIZE
from the United Kingdom BRITISH
4 time Super Bowl-winner NOLL
phone company employee OPERATOR
old German coins MARKS
transporting via plane AIRLIFTING
shirking work SLACKING
implicate in a criminal act INCRIMINATE
Arsenal soccer team nickname GUNNERS
unusually large, as clothing OUTSIZED
docking charge QUAYAGE
slippery or unstable LUBRICOUS
office communication MEMORANDUM
regular payment recipient ANNUITANT
duty lists ROSTERS
they create scoring chances PLAYMAKERS
slabs of meat STEAKS
storm run-off FLOODWATER
catches sight of SCOPES
complete control CHOKEHOLD
country singer Jason ALDEAN
Philippine island LEYTE
owns, old-style HATH
depictions RENDERINGS
vibrant ALIVE