7 little words

7 Little Words answers

2013 Jan - Jun

Clue Answer
sweaters and such KNITWEAR
black and blue ADJECTIVES
treat badly MISUSE
fidgety RESTIVE
attacking violently ASSAILING
garden flower BEGONIA
bait shop purchase WORMS
send beyond the border DEPORT
reflecting on the past RETROSPECT
Polish composer Frédéric CHOPIN
made up ATONED
snails and the like GASTROPODS
inspiring PROMPTING
country bordering Egypt SUDAN
cop's title CONSTABLE
very brief units of time NANOSECONDS
potato peeler's trash SKIN
it may be filled with candy PINATA
sea-dwelling fish SNAPPER
short drinking glasses TUMBLERS
all wet, so to speak WRONG
speak to a crowd ADDRESS
actor and comedian Chris ROCK
YouTube uploads VIDEOS
speak eloquently RHAPSODIZE
peach relatives NECTARINES
landing place STRIP
Egypt's second largest city ALEXANDRIA
female computing pioneer Ada LOVELACE
at an impasse STALEMATED
blame FAULT
"Life After Life" novelist ATKINSON
radio broadcast quality RECEPTION
sharpened a straight razor STRAPPED
not captured UNTAKEN
John of "The Office" KRASINSKI
"Night at the Museum" site SMITHSONIAN
kisser MOUTH
home of the Green Monster FENWAY
paved with small rocks GRAVELED
handrail on a staircase BANISTER
trough FEEDBOX