7 little words

7 Little Words answers

2012 Jul - Dec

Clue Answer
afternoon breaks SIESTAS
occurring regularly CYCLICAL
respect-free comedian DANGERFIELD
like used blackboard erasers CHALKY
puncture, as a balloon DEFLATE
cutting with an axe HEWING
small quakes TREMORS
boxes for logs WOODBINS
suburb of Atlanta DECATUR
Italian frozen dessert GELATO
more worn SHABBIER
qualified COMPETENT
unrefined person PHILISTINE
Motorola competitor SAMSUNG
North American marsupials OPOSSUMS
at an undetermined location SOMEWHERE
unoccupied EMPTY
handheld videotaping device CAMCORDER
provide chairs and sofas for FURNISH
"Peggy Sue" singer Buddy HOLLY
former world leader Indira GANDHI
2012 Tony-winning musical ONCE
does very well PROSPERS
Montague's enemy CAPULET
Canadian flag symbol LEAF
stuck at home HOUSEBOUND
Jeff MacNelly comic strip SHOE
Andy Williams album NASHVILLE
Acapulco's state GUERRERO
send forth EMIT
common, fast-growing plant PIGWEED
recorded to show talent DEMOED
male and female SEXES
traditional Swiss dish RACLETTE
reverse a plait UNTWIST
Northern Ireland walled city DERRY
top tier German soccer team BAYERN
in a very weird manner CREEPILY
not eliciting interest UNAPPEALING
uses force against STRONGARMS