7 little words

7 Little Words answers

2012 Feb - Jun

Clue Answer
added on ANNEXED
most disreputable SLEAZIEST
cunning FOXY
jazzman Charlie PARKER
confiding TRUSTFUL
haberdasher's wares TIES
type of woman's shoe SLINGBACK
zinc, in ingot form SPELTER
field goal makers KICKERS
not as firm RUNNIER
write quickly and sloppily SCRIBBLE
muscle used for bending FLEXOR
gets back in shipshape REORGANIZES
full-bodied ROBUST
showed amazement GAPED
souvenirs KEEPSAKES
email address part, maybe UNDERSCORE
terrier breed AIREDALE
smiles broadly BEAMS
lyrical POETIC
copy a drawing TRACE
in a shameless manner IMMODESTLY
imaginary source of fear BUGABOO
one grilled Italian sandwich PANINO
before or after, in a way ADJACENT
stretchy fiber brand LYCRA
curved golf shot HOOK
made more palatable SUGARCOATED
proves to be true VERIFIES
Spiderman's real surname PARKER
spice indicators, on a menu CHILIS
away from the wind ALEE
Shakespeare's hometown river AVON
looked (through) LEAFED
expansively LUXURIANTLY
hard coal ANTHRACITE
ate quickly SNARFED
telecom equipment giant HUAWEI
left the capsule SPACEWALKED
in a suitable manner FITLY